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Are you looking for a kick start to better health and fitness and have it become a lifestyle not just another peak and valley in the yo-yo diet cycle?

Then stop now and register for our 21-Day Jump Start!

Jump Start Your Health and Fitness NOW!

Get My 21 Day Jump Started!

ResultsOur 21 Day Jump Start, for only $49, is designed to get you on the right track with our award winning Group Personal Training program. We will provide you with real, whole food nutrition habit based nutrition education and accountability. You will be guided along to achieve success with our Fit Soldiers Family coaching, support, and encouragement each step of the way!

You’ll receive:

  • Exclusive 1-on-1 Success Session
  • Award Winning Group Personal Training
  • LisaWheeler CollageReal, Whole Food Habit Based Nutrition Education and Coaching
  • Accountability, Support, and Encouragement on Your Fitness Journey
  • Results!
  • And so much more!

All this for ONLY $49
A 75% Savings To Get You Started Today!

Get Me Jump Started!

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Fitness ResultsSerious Applicants Only:

Fit Soldiers is not a big corporate box gym where you get lost in the crowd. Everyone who walks through our door gets the extra attention needed to succeed.

So do not join our 21-Day Jump Start if:

  • You are not committed to taking your health, fitness, and nutrition seriously.
  • You are looking for a quick fix workout, shake, supplement, or any other short-term magic pill.
  • You are not prepared to be challenged by your coaches to achieve your goals.
  • You are looking for the cheapest workout program and not investing in your health with the best quality program.

Fit Soldiers is a humble fitness community of real people that are transforming lives forever, not just a season, providing genuine coaching, support, encouragement, accountability and whole food habit based nutrition. We are the FIRST “fitness boot camp” and only Group Personal Training gym North of Denver offering full 1-on-1 assessments for our group clients.

**Results show are not typical in 21 days. But if you don’t start somewhere you’ll never get there!