3 Characteristics of Big Results

As we know there’s no shortage of information out there on fitness and nutrition. Looking back at our Infobesity series (Part 1, Part 2) we can take some steps to cut out the clutter and focus but when it comes down to it there are always some people who we love to hate that just see results faster.

I believe it’s possible for every one to see results but what are the key characteristics that it takes to be one of those people who seem to ‘get it’ and reach their goals with seemingly minimal effort.

Some may say genetics, or the persons up bringing which have some weight but are not the end all be all of those reaching their health goals. These are characteristics that can be trained and learned.

Time after time we see these three characteristics when we see clients winning with heath and fitness goals. The truth is these characteristics go way beyond fitness in fact they come from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Ideal Team Player. Allow me to adapt them from the work place to the workout space.

Whether you’re working out at home, online, in a gym, or here at Fit Soldiers there is a great level of team work happening. Sure you’re working out at home with videos but the program on the TV doesn’t give you results, it’s you teaming up and committing to busting your butt and following nutrition advice. That is the co-creation that aids your progress.

You walk into our gym and the workout is programmed for you, our trainers guide you through, correcting your form and challenging your limits. You have access to our wealth of nutrition knowledge and resources that work. Being a team player means you don’t just ‘hear and see’ but you ‘receive and do’ what is shared with you. This will ultimately lead you to your goals, not just paying for a membership. So the question comes down to how much of a team player are you?

Lencioni’s three virtues that make up the ideal team player are Humble, Hungry, and Smart. Now we all have some level of each of these but to have all three leads to an exponential ability to succeed! Let’s break them down!


HumbleIdeal team player Fit Soldiers

Humble clients are winning. Our humble clients are not self centered. You won’t find a shirts off, selfie taking ego here at Fit Soldiers. You will find clients who are others centered. We celebrate each others progress and goals. We know that if we lift up our fellow Fit Soldier next to us then it will come back around and soon enough the rising tide will lift all ships.

In addition to this they have a greater purpose outside of the gym. They are often in the gym in order to motivate, inspire, and be better for someone or something out of the gym, be it their family, co-workers or community.

Contrary to what we are taught, what isn’t winning is pride and arrogance. So if pride is the root of all sin. Humility is the antidote.

Now the absence of pride and arrogance is only one piece of the humble pie. Now just because there is an absence of arrogance, do not assume humility. The filling in the humble pie is the need of confidence. We all have God-given talents that we need to be confident in. Our winning humble clients are confident in their gifts. Now it may not be strength, endurance, mobility or anything fitness related. However, if accounting is a clients gift, then be confident in it and be open to learning and understanding as we share our gifts with them.

Your Humble Fit Soldier summary:

  • Be others centered, a rising tide lifts all ships.
  • Drain the arrogance and fill up with confidence.
  • Celebrate others wins.


Fit Soldiers who are winning are hungry! It’s not enough to be humble but we need to have hunger. The humility took in and absorbed the information, and workouts given. Hungry clients apply it and allow it to progress them towards their goals. Hungry people are eager to get things done because they see how it plays into their big picture goals.

Hungry clients are not easily satisfied. They want to know what’s next. What’s around the corner and want to do more to achieve their goals.

There can however be an unhealthy hunger. We see this when people are too hungry, they are impatient and they are a bit obsessive with their goals. You can liken this to the person who is a workaholic and neglects their health or family. Or the youth athlete who competitively plays only one sport all year-long and becomes over worked mentally and physically, burnt out, and injured.

The outcome of this fitness obsessed person often burn out, injury, and the easy implementation of old unhealthy habits. This often looks like someone who comes to workout every day, sometimes twice a day, and realize 3-4 weeks into the program that they’re sleep deprived, not recovering and lose interest. They will crash off the nutrition side even sooner by completely overhauling their nutrition and try to eat ‘perfect’ and soon after they are off the wagon back to their old habits of a tub of ice cream, soda, and processed carbs. Although their eagerness seems commendable, it has a major effect on relationships, work, and is very unsustainable.

The health hunger is often hard to teach. Some people naturally have it. Others are inspired into hunger via the realization of a goal and lifestyle change or a doctors medical diagnosis and the desire to overcome.

Your Hungry Fit Soldier summary:

  • Don’t be satisfied with going through the motions.
  • Be eager for what’s next.
  • Don’t go overboard.


Fit Soldiers who are winning are smart people. Now don’t get worked up here this is not a jab against your intelligence. I like to look at this as more like street smarts. Or for our sake let’s call it body smarts. There are a lot of intelligent people in the world but intelligence does not guarantee common sense.

A lot of what it takes to be a smart Fit Soldier is taking ownership of your goals, the program, your nutrition and more. We have countless clients that before they ever walked into our doors came in with a preexisting injury whether the shoulder, knee, hip, back or other. It is communicated to listen to your body, not do anything that’s aggravating it, and let us know so we can help you or refer you to someone who can. Smart people don’t just hear this they apply it and allow us to help.

Smart Fit Soldiers take ownership of their nutrition. If they aren’t seeing the results they want, 9 times out of 10 they know that it’s because they haven’t been compliant to the nutrition education we provide. Those who do own their nutrition are winning, and winning big in much more than just the weight loss category.

Being smart goes way beyond this into body awareness, coordination, asking us questions, and truly earning and owning the results.

Your Smart Fit Soldier Summary:

  • Have Body Smarts!
  • Listen to your body.
  • Achieve your goals by taking OWNERSHIP of your:
    • Training effort
    • Pre-existing injuries
    • Nutrition
    • Ask questions
    • Body awareness
    • Coordination
    • Fun Factor!

As I mentioned at the top that we all possess some level of these traits; Humble, Hungry and Smart. Mastering one is great.

Mastering two is better.

Mastering all three provides exponential success!

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