A Gift To Loved Ones

A little about me…I have twin girls and enjoy spending outdoor time with my family. I also work full time and love my job of taking care of pediatric patients. When I was younger I stayed active riding mountain bikes, hiking, and rock climbing. However I did not grow up with a good nutritional foundation. In college I took some nutrition courses and appreciated all of the knowledge I gained.

My greatest struggles were maintaining motivation and eating properly. When I joined Fit Soldiers I had just run my first 10k. My children were young and I was having trouble finding opportunities for other means of exercise. I was also working night shift which made consistency problematic.

Fit Soldier AmandaTwo of my friends encouraged me to give Fit Soldiers a try. They were members and thought I would like it. I came to the first class and the rest is history.

A different workout every day keeps me interested in coming back. My strength has increased dramatically. My running is much more enjoyable and I have gotten much faster. I have put more focus on my nutrition thanks to information I’ve gained through various facets at Fit Soldiers.

Fit Soldiers MexicoMy kids see me work hard to stay healthy and they are determined to stay active as well. Both girls have run 5K’s with me and Natalya just finished her first 10k. We rock climb, mountain bike, and hike as a family. I love sharing my outdoor interests with them.

In my ‘before’ picture, my friend and had I signed up for an obstacle course relay. I couldn’t even run a mile, now I am able to fill in for marathon relays with barely any notice.

I would tell someone thinking about joining Fit Soldiers that they are worth it. They deserve to feel and look better. It truly is a gift to feel good when you wake up on the morning. Most of all it is a gift to your loved ones.

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