The health and fitness space is hurting because we see people do exercises that they don’t enjoy and eat food that they don’t like in order to reach goals that they cannot maintain. Our program is designed to make fitness fun and effective, food delicious and nourishing, and improve your daily habits so that you can be healthy for a lifetime not just a season.

Fit Soldiers is a strong fitness family dedicated to see health and fitness go beyond our four walls in order to inspire and impact our families and community. We combine knowledge, hard work, and real food in order to produce fat loss, performance, and fun!

Because of the owners, David and Katie’s love and commitment to Jesus Christ their goal is to lovingly serve and educate their team and clients with integrity and compassion so that they are enabled to lead an active and healthy life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually forever, not just a season.

We saw a large disconnect between group exercise classes and gyms simply leading a ‘hard workout’ and one-on-one personal training which should provide individual specification and attention to detail of the clients goals and needs. Because of this our goal became to fuse them together by making our Fit Soldiers program look as much like Group Personal Training as possible.

We believe that regardless of fitness level or age that each person who comes through our door was created to move. It is our role to help them move the best that they can in order to shed unwanted body fat, perform better, and have fun in the process.

Fit Soldiers offers:

Facility and Gym Atmosphere

Within the 2000 square feet of Fit Soldiers you’ll find rubber flooring and artificial turf with open access to kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, battle ropes, TRX Suspension Trainers, battle ropes, speed sleds, plyo boxes, medicine balls, and countless other ‘toys’ that will be used to get you functionally fit.

Every client in our Fit Soldiers Family is progressing and improving along their own unique and personal fitness journey. We are blessed to have clientele and trainers that are supportive, encouraging, and genuine. Our trainers are there to support, motivate, and coach you to move and perform at your very best.

What is a FIT SOLDIER?

Core Values:

Be Faithful
Be Intentional
Be Thankful

Be Strong(ER)
Be Open
Be Limitless
Be Determined
Be Influential
Be Eager
Be Resilient
Be Sacrificial

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