ActivPrayer Charity Drive

Hey Fit Soldiers,

This is a little last minute so bear with me it will have a huge impact. Our friends David Jack and Tom Hurly with ActivPrayer are in town next week leading a sales team building event for Boiron, Naturopathic Pharmaceutical.

When they do an event like this, or any event it is always with a deeper purpose than Raah Raah Raah, rather an inspired action dedicated to something beyond themselves! They are partnering with two local charities Growing Home, and Broomfield FISH. The timing couldn’t be much better with Mother’s Day being Sunday this charity drive will go to support local single moms and families in need.

Fit Soldiers ActivPrayer

Because we share the similar visions and missions of our fitness going beyond our four walls in order to impact our community, they’ve asked us to partner with them.

The timing is short but I know what our Fit Soldiers Family is capable of!

So here’s where we come in. Between now and Wednesday, May 17th we will be collecting items needed by Growing Home and Broomfield FISH. (Boiron will be donating their products to these organizations.)

The Need:

  • Food: canned & fresh fruit, milk, eggs, yogurt, canned tuna & chicken, beans, meat, canned, frozen or fresh vegetables, low sugar cereal, peanut butter.
  • Hygiene items: for Moms, girls and boys. Travel or hotel sizes are great!
  • Diapers: all sizes, especially 4-6, and Pull Ups. We always need more!
  • Children’s clothing: especially for the younger ones! They outgrow their clothes so fast.
  • Children’s books: for all ages.
  • Shelter Day Center: hand and dish soap, HE laundry detergent, bath towels.
  • Baby items: cribs, strollers, books, bottles, blankets, educational toys.
  • Fresh produce: from your garden.

The FUN Part!

They are looking to put together themed baskets, think mom and daughter/son. In these baskets would be items already donated between now and then (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hair ties, snack, etc.)
If we can pull through with the donations we will tie it all together on Wednesday by stuffing the bags in an fun workout kind of way!

The Challenge:

Out of curiosity I asked how many bags would be their goal… 20 seems weak…100 seems ridiculous How’s that for a non-answer.”
Our goal is going to be ridiculous and shoot for 100 to blow their minds and bless the heck out of some moms and their children.
So, while you’re out and about over the next week shopping think of a mom and her kids and pick up something extra. Some diapers, food, dish soap, hygiene items, or towels. Clean out your kids drawers and bring in some young children clothes. Heck, involve your kids and have them pick out a book or toy and explain who it’s for and how they are helping!
The time is short, we need donations by Tuesday/Wednesday. I appreciate you jumping on board and serving our community!

I’m super excited to see what we can pull together to help single moms and children right here in our community!

Drop off your donations next time you’re in!

Committed to Your Results,
Dave and Your FS Family!