Fit Soldiers Finest Joe

Less Weight, Less Pain

I wasn’t getting any younger, but I was feeling older than I should have been.  I’ve always been active, but I felt like I could do more if I could shed some of the excess pounds I had accumulated through the years. I was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees in my 30’s.  I weighed over 200 pounds and I’m only 5’9”.

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Fit Soldier Finest

Role Model for My Kids

Having had three children in three years and being what the medical world considered, AMA (advanced medical age) to have children, my body had taken a beating. My fitness goals were to regain core strength, increase flexibility, and to achieve my strongest body at the highest fitness level that I could. I also wanted to be a role model and set an example for my children. Wanting them to have fun doing physical fitness and sports, I knew I had to take the lead. I knew that I had to get back to being the athlete that I had always been.

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Struggling Together For The Better

I grew up in Southern California, moved to Colorado in 1991, and still can’t adjust to the winters here. I had early aspirations to major in dance and art history but my dad didn’t think it was practical so I married young and had two children instead. Both kids are now in college and doing great, so I figured perhaps it was time to find some new adventures in life! My company offered Dave Mura’s boot camp at a discount in conjunction with a companywide health awareness program. I was curious what boot camp was and because of a health scare with a thyroid problem I seriously decided I wanted to take better care of myself in all aspects of life and was looking for a program. The timing was perfect! Read More

Mel’s Story

First and foremost I am a mother. I have three of the most beautiful girls and they are my everything! And literally, from day one they have received ALL of my attention. Of course, inadvertently that meant everything else in my life was put on the back burner. Unfortunately, this also included my own personal health and fitness.

Rewind a bit… Prior to kids I would have never classified myself as a “fit” individual, but I also never struggled to maintain my weight. Have you ever heard the term “skinny-fat”?!

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