Be Limitless

Be Limitless

Let’s be honest, the name Fit Soldiers can be a bit intimidating for the newbie starting a fitness journey or even anyone too comfortable in their fitness routine. When the name first came about back in 2008 the intention was to be dedicated to your health and fitness as a Soldier is dedicated to serving, protecting, and keeping our great country free! It pales in comparison but you get the idea.

So as Katie, and I set out to dive a little deeper and truly define the values and character traits that makes up the amazing community of people that has come to be known as our Fit Soldiers Family!



Through lengthy discussion and intentionality of our amazing team of coaches as well as seeing these traits strongly displayed among our Fit Soldiers Family, here’s a bit of incite behind what it means to be, and become a Fit Soldier. In no way is anyone perfect. Some possess these traits stronger than others but everyone is on a journey of progress not perfection.

In the spirit of Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution let me define what it means to be LIMITLESS.




  1. without limit
  2. requiring a believe in self
  3. not having self imposed restrictions
  4. not settling for the status quo

Fit Soldiers break through self imposed glass ceilings, and remove limitations set on them by themselves or through past experience, words or actions. Our limitless Fit Soldiers overcome their self defeating attitude, do not believe the words ‘I can’t’ and are eager to go above and beyond others expectations. They strive to recognize and express a greater potential in themselves and others.

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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