Best Shape of My Life

I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast and one that enjoys working out. However, if I were to exercise on my own, I would always choose cardio over strength training or weights. My running and cardio were suffering because I was overworking muscles through repetitive motions. I needed a stronger core, more upper body strength, and stronger hamstrings to continue doing what I love. On top of the amazing support, encouragement and camaraderie that I found at Fit Soldiers, the interval and strength training were exactly what I needed to improve my endurance and overall fitness level.

I’ve been a part of Fit Soldiers for three years now and I keep coming back for more! It never gets easier though because Dave and his trainers push me to improve and keep getting stronger. The better shape I am in, the more I crave the intensity of the workouts and the network of incredible boot campers that attend. I’ve found a fitness home, so to speak, and I am a Fit Soldier for life! I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in! Now I climb 14ers with ease, run half-marathons, and feel good about my body and muscle definition which is a result of hard work.

~Nora T.

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