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My story might be common with many people but, it is special for me because no one else will know how my body feels or was feeling other than “ME”.  I am 36 years old and since my teenage years I have been involved in multiple sports such as cricket, soccer, swimming, etc. I played cricket for a few clubs in India. Cricket is a game which requires both fitness and mental calmness. One of the reasons I was able to play the sport for a couple of decades is because of my fitness. However for the last three or four years, I developed a disease called hypothyroidism…

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Thanks to Fit Soldiers I am mentally and physically better at work and play!

One of the main symptoms of the disease is to slow down a patient’s metabolism. I started feeling lethargic, gained a lot of weight (~40 lbs). It not only affected my game of cricket but also my job, family life, friends, activities, etc. I am on medication but it was hard to control my thyroid hormone levels because of nonstop weight gain. The workout I was involved in to keep my body fit for cricket was not enough. I tried various diets, running, and exercise regimens but they didn’t show much benefit.

I decided to give Fit Soldiers a try when one of my cricket team friends Mr. Sam George shared with me how he had noticed a significant difference in his fitness condition after joining the club. As soon as I tried it, I really liked the commitment of the Fit Soldiers Family towards all the members who workout there. I also like the setup where an exercise will not be repeated for at least a few weeks. This is one of the reasons why I keep coming back. I also like the fact that the fellow members motivate me and each other to finish the workout.

As a result of working out at Fit Soldiers I can run longer without getting tired, I am performing better during my cricket games, and I can do more burpees and push-ups than ever before. I feel I have more energy to finish my day of work. Simply, my brain is working better both at work and while I’m playing sports.

~Rama B.

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