Busy Northglenn Mom Finds More Than Just Fitness

My name is Mary Brown.  My husband, AJ Brown, and I have been married for almost nine years and have known each other for 16! I’m 32 years old with two kids, ages 12 ½ and 3, and life is constantly crazy between working full time and parenting two children in completely different developmental stages.  I’m a Colorado Native whose parents still live in the same house they did when I was born. 

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Prior to coming to Fit Soldiers I was minimally physically active.  I played a few sports in high school, but after that working out consisted of getting on a treadmill or elliptical at some gym for half an hour and calling it good.  Having a busy home and work life also made eating an issue, and I often looked for what was easiest and fastest to cook without paying any attention to portion control or nutritional content.  I didn’t feel confident in myself or my physical abilities, and I struggled with finding the motivation to make any kind of significant change.

Around the time our youngest daughter turned one, I decided it was time to make a change.  With the help of AJ, we worked on making changes to our diet, but I knew we needed something more.  We considered joining a typical gym again, but if history was any indication, I knew that wasn’t going to go well.  Many friends recommended supplements, shakes, diets etc. but we knew those weren’t for us either.  We had driven by Fit Soldiers for years.  I even checked out the website a time or two, but I could never muster up the courage to check it out.  We finally decided to stop talking about it, give it a try, and we are so happy we did!  

Fit Soldier MaryMy confidence in myself and my abilities has totally changed!  I never would have thought I’d be climbing 14ers, enjoying running or running obstacle course races, but now I can’t imagine my life without those things.  I’m so proud of the changes we have made and of the example we are setting for our children. 

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The trainers at Fit Soldiers are AMAZING.  They truly care about you as a person, and they help push you to be a better version of yourself.  The focus isn’t just on a good workout or losing weight; rather, it’s about the purpose you are trying to better yourself, all around health, proper nutrition etc.

What I would say to anyone wondering about joining Fit Soldiers is this; if you don’t think you can do it, YOU CAN.  It may not be pretty at first, but workouts aren’t supposed to be pretty.  You are so much more capable than you know.  And really, what is there to lose?

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