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On Again Off Again

We all have those things that are like fingers nails on a chalk board. For me one of them sounds something like this… “I’m going on a diet” same things only different are, “I need to go on a diet”, or “I am on a diet.”

Although I appreciate the intentions behind it I feel somewhere along the lines we went wrong. The definition of the word diet is “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.”

So either we have an out of date definition or people have it all wrong.

The idea and mindset of being on a “diet” implies that you were once not on it and at some point you will come off of it? A temporary “diet” means only one thing. It’s not sustainable. Therefore, if the diet is not sustainable then neither are your results.

Getting back to the root of the word and the foundation of our health, our diet should be sustainable and not something that is temporary. It should be healthy not hurtful or sickening. It needs to be habitual not seasonal.

Our goal here at Fit soldiers is to help you take hold of and gain ownership of healthy nutrition for a lifetime not a season.

Are you stuck in the seasonal diet cycle? End it and allow us to help you learn to eat healthy and habitually. Contact Us Today! 

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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Fit Soldiers Sugar Free Me

Sugar Free Me

Are you eating too much sugar? Chances are you consume more than you think. Although it’s sweet in the moment, the consumption of added sugars are proven to have negative long term effects.

The good news. It’s never too late to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, and replace it with healthy life long habits.

Join the Sugar Free Me Challenge

A step-by-step process to help you wean yourself off of sugar and replace stress eating habits with new healthy habits.

The studies and evidence is clear that the effects of sugar are far from beneficial to our bodies, mind, and health. Yet the cravings we have for the food we choose to eat just won’t go away. In fact, a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE back in 2007 showed that 94 percent of rats chose a sugar ‘high’ over a cocaine rush!

Sugar has been linked to the negative effects of nearly every disease and self inflicted health problem we know including diabetes, liver damage, hyper tension, dementia, heart disease, and even cancer cells feed off of sugar. Aside from major disease, sugar can zap your energy, promote weight gain, cause tooth decay, and leave you addicted.

The buck stops here. The 28 day Sugar Free Me program is here to help you identify what type of sugar addict you are plus you’ll learn:

  • Why ‘diets’ don’t work
  • How your will power will fail
  • The tools you need to succeed
  • How to fall off the wagon and still win
  • And SO much more…

Combine 28 days of sugar busting lessons with private accountability from your Fit Soldier coaches and like minded peers and your success is just around the corner!

Register Today for either:

Sugar Free Me ONLINE ONLY – $20

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Sugar Free Me PLUS 12 Onsite Training Sessions – $120

Click to Register for Sugar Free Me +12 ONSITE TRAINING SESSIONS

No excuses, experience the benefits of a sugar reduction whether you’re local or from afar.

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family

Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution
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Infobesity Part 1

InfobesityDo you read magazines, scroll through endless social media feeds, watch TV, or listen to your friends family or co-workers all talk about a new superfood, diet, shake, exercise, or workout?

If so you may be suffering from INFOBESITY.

Infobesity may be the cause of your lack of fitness results. You are on information overload when it comes to the best way to lose weight. But it’s not your fault. The health and fitness industry is just trying to sell a magazine, product, program, fad diet or supplement and make a buck.

All this however is not helping your fitness and fat loss results. Each time you turn around you’re posed with a headline reading ‘5 Minute Abs’, ‘New Celebrity Weight Loss Plan’, or the TV telling you about the newest superfood promising weight loss. Now there’s no doubt that all these things will have some effect on you in a seemingly positive way. The problem is most of them are based off of misleading studies or promising short term gains that lead to short term results. As you’ll hear us say:

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4 Myths to Squash In Order to Win in 2017

As we venture into a new year it’s no surprise that fitness, weight loss and be healthier are on the top of everyone’s ‘resolution’ list. Oh you don’t do resolutions? But you probably have goals. And if you’re one of the people who don’t set goals either then we’ll just call you a dreamer.

Somewhere inside all of us there is a little voice saying I’d like my clothes to fit better, or I don’t want to have diabetes like my parents. That voice may be saying to you ‘when did it a set of stairs get so hard and cause me to lose my breath’. I’ve even had clients say to me that they’re tired of being the ‘fat parent’ at their kids events.

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Christmas Doesn’t Make You Fat

It’s no secret that the fitness industry media, Hollywood diets, promising shake and supplement companies, and marketing as a whole have brainwashed so many of us to think we can have our results here and now with little to no work put in. Many of us still ‘know’ this, and that it’s not possible yet still get distracted by the latest claim from Dr. Oz, Oprah, or the tabloid staring at us in line at the grocery store. We all want to be an overnight success

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New Year Transformation Contest

Fit Soldiers Transformation Contest

Boost Your Fat Loss,
Build Lean Muscle,
Have Fun…
For A Lifetime, Not Another Season!

It all starts with our annual New Year New You Transformation Contest!

With our decades of combined experience in personal training, fat loss, nutrition and, lifestyle coaching we have come to the realization that we don’t have a problem losing weight.  Every year millions of adults set out to ‘lose weight’ and the truth is they do. We’ve done it, you’ve done it, and you’ve probably done it several times, and you’re getting pretty good at it. The problem is that it doesn’t last. The truth is we have a weight REGAIN problem and not a weight loss problem. It’s true, only 5 percent of those who lose weight on a diet keep it off; 95% regain it. A significant percentage gain back more than they originally lost.

We see this for many reasons…

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