Fit soldiers Clean and lean challenge

Fall Clean and Lean Challenge

FS TransformationAre you tired of:

  • Unsustainable ‘diet’ programs
  • Quick fixes
  • Relying on and paying for expensive products and shakes to see results
  • Counting calories
  • Starving yourself to lose weight
  • And to top it all off regaining the weight and then some faster than you took it off?

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Fit Soldiers Fun

Busy Northglenn Mom Finds More Than Just Fitness

My name is Mary Brown.  My husband, AJ Brown, and I have been married for almost nine years and have known each other for 16! I’m 32 years old with two kids, ages 12 ½ and 3, and life is constantly crazy between working full time and parenting two children in completely different developmental stages.  I’m a Colorado Native whose parents still live in the same house they did when I was born. 

Fit Soldiers Before


Prior to coming to Fit Soldiers I was minimally physically active.  I played a few sports in high school, but after that working out consisted of getting on a treadmill or elliptical at some gym for half an hour and calling it good.  Having a busy home and work life also made eating an issue, and I often looked for what was easiest and fastest to cook without paying any attention to portion control or nutritional content.  I didn’t feel confident in myself or my physical abilities, and I struggled with finding the motivation to make any kind of significant change.

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Fit Soldiers Mud Fun

Northglenn Dad In The Best Shape Of His Life

Fit Soldier Finest BeforeWell my fitness journey and life really started 2 years ago. At that time I could look into a mirror and tell myself I was not there. I am in a career field where you actually need to be fit to be able to perform and do your job duties. I finally made the conscious decision to look at what my options were. In the past I had a gym membership to various big gyms and would go but I had no direction and lacked the know-how. I can remember back in high school I was fit because I was young and playing sports. Then life happened. I spent years building terrible habits and really not paying attention to what I needed to do to stay optimal.

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Fit Soldier Jenn Coats

Making Fitness Fun!

Welcome Jenn to our Fit Soldiers Finest club. This recognition of progress not perfection, welcoming and serving others, and knowing it’s not about her but she needs to be her best in order to give others her best. Jenn is a Fit Soldier that has been with us since the early days, 2010! Over the years she has had many ‘ah ha’ moments that make up her journey and you’ll almost always find her at a charity boot camp. Jenn you are truly what it means to be a Fit Soldier and we greatly appreciate having you in our FS Family!

At almost 50 years old I can say I feel stronger than I have felt since I was a teenager. I came to Fit Soldiers 4 years ago at an all-time high weight. I haven’t always struggled with my weight but after having three children and focusing on raising them I stopped exercising regularly or paying attention to good nutrition. As a child and teenager, I had always been active and participated in sports, mostly track and swimming in high school and hiking and water skiing in college, but as I got older I forgot how much I loved to do those things.

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Fit Soldiers Strong!

Happier, Healthier, Better!

Our latest Fit Soldier Finest is Anna!! She has been a rockstar of everything Fit Soldiers, from long term progressions with strength, nutrition, and all things health. To knowing that it’s not about her. Yes, it starts with her, but she knows her strengths are nothing if they aren’t used to support our charity boot camps, shovel driveways and so much more. Recently she has latched on to a whole other level of nutrition and eating and is seeing massive ‘gains’ in how she feels and performs especially mentally!

Anna, keep it up girl, you are a Fit Soldier Finest! Thank You!

I’ve been an athlete since I’ve was 7-years old swimming competitively until I graduated from High School. After HS I found other ways to feed my habit, running, aerobics, step boxing, yoga, swimming – I tried it all…. everything, that is, except strength training because I was not good at it and I did not like it. After my oldest daughter was born 28 years ago I started running due to the time restraints that come with having a young family. I was what you might call a lazy runner. Sure, I’d run 6 miles 5 days per week. But I never really trained – I just ran and thought that would take care of everything. I was satisfied with running the 10 minute mile. No more, no less.

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Fit Soldiers Sandy

From Never to Regular!

I’m 50 years old and have been married to Richard for over 31 years.  I have two kids, ages 27 and 25 and one granddaughter who is 7 1/2 months old.

Prior to Fit Soldiers I had never really done anything to do with fitness on a regular basis and I had tried all the fad diets out there and nothing seemed to work.  The weight kept coming on and it was harder to do the things that I wanted to do.

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