Christmas Doesn’t Make You Fat

It’s no secret that the fitness industry media, Hollywood diets, promising shake and supplement companies, and marketing as a whole have brainwashed so many of us to think we can have our results here and now with little to no work put in. Many of us still ‘know’ this, and that it’s not possible yet still get distracted by the latest claim from Dr. Oz, Oprah, or the tabloid staring at us in line at the grocery store. We all want to be an overnight success

So what’s the secret to becoming an overnight success? Let’s explore it.

“If you really look closely at overnight successes it took a long time.” — Steve Jobs

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will is all it takes to make you look like an overnight success.” — Dick Costolo CEO, Twitter

“Your overnight success story is always a result of everything you’ve done in your life until that moment.” — Bel Pesce

“I was an overnight success alright but thirty years is a long long night.” — Ray Kroc

Google ‘overnight success’ and these are just a few of the quotes from successful people commenting on the theory. It takes a long time.

Believing in an overnight success would be the same as blaming your Christmas a dinner, and the treats that accompany it for making you fat. If that were the case then we would ALL be in trouble. The fact is that it’s simply not true. Conversely starving yourself for one day or not eating bread for 24 hours does not make you ‘skinny’ (I hate the word skinny…nowhere in the word does it imply healthy.)

So what’s the deal. What makes you over weight, what makes you fit and healthy?

The sum of our poor habits over time has lead us to the state of health we’re in. The day-to-day processed carbs, and sugar in everything over time will take a serious toll on our midsection and total health. The amazing thing is that we are such magnificent miracles that we can change all that. It just requires a choice. A decision to change.

We need to be faithful to the quality in the little things. We need to be excellent in the ordinary. What does that look like?

  • Cutting out soda and sugary liquid calories will make a huge impact towards your ‘overnight success.’
  • Not buying or eating processed food any more will have a serious impact on your ‘overnight success.’
  • Eating 5+ vegetables each day will have a lasting impact on your ‘overnight success.’
  • Moving your body with good posture and mechanics will have a major effect to your ‘overnight success’ of physical health.

Excellence in the ordinary is not sexy. It’s not often cool. You won’t be on a magazine. You won’t be on TV.

You will however, by being faithful to the quality of the little things, become sexy. You will be cool. You will laugh at the magazines. You may watch less TV and opt outside more often to play! You will get more out of life, and be able to give more to others.

Your long term success will come over time by being intentional and show a growing excellence in the little things that matter. You may not know it all, and it will be difficult to change old habits, but I promise you the little things will make a life time of difference. Excellence is a habit not an act. It takes practice and perseverance. If you want to have excellent results do ordinary things exceptionally well.

“Just keep taking the next step and keep having excellence in the ordinary.” Dave Ramsey

As we get ready to roll into a new year I want challenge you to be intentional with becoming excellent in the ordinary. I want to know what ordinary things you plan to do exceptionally well? Tell us on our facebook or twitter page.


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