Are you a Dieter or a Student?

We often get the question. What can and can’t I eat…?

More often than not this comes from people with a heavy diet background. They’re so used to following a diet that tells them to eat this… stay away from that. They’re looking for black and white.

The problem is that nutrition is not one size fits all. Gluten may be severe for a few, a mild allergy for most, and not bother others at all. Dairy is similar. Some people thrive with high fat while others like myself perform better with more carbs.

The one foundation that is true for all is that REAL-WHOLE FOOD that is minimally processed is KING!

So before we go beyond real, whole food. Let’s address the black and white mindset.
If you’re a dieter, chances are you’ve seen results with many different diet programs. It worked for a while and then you either plateaued or fell off the wagon and gained it all back and then some.

With dieting your approach is temporary and willpower based. You can do anything for a short period of time and until your battery(willpower) runs out and you’re back to old habits.

Try shifting the mindset from dieting to student. A student asks questions, is intentional about learning, practices what their learning and determines if it works (for them) or not.

If we’re smart then we should be learning something all day every day for the rest of our lives. It will keep us young and sharp. When we think we know it all we become stagnant and regress.

So stop dieting and become a student. Ask questions, break down diet myths, and start building life long habits that will leave you healthier, leaner and smarter every day!

If you’re ready to break the cycle and start burning fat and restore a healthy metabolism for a lifetime, not just a season then what are you waiting for? Call us today, 720-382-5240. Our training and whole food habit based program is your answer.

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