Excellence In The Ordinary

Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not luck, and it certainly isn’t a lottery jackpot that makes you excellent. If you’re honest with yourself your excellent health, beauty, brains, or brawn did not come overnight.

The Broncos played IN and WON the Super bowl after playing FOR the Super bowl for YEARS. The players since their youth were dreaming of one day playing in the big game. They worked hard, got sore, perfected their craft, watched tapes, practiced, sweat, failed, and got back up (remember 2014?).

So why in our culture do we expect excellence before our time is due?

We want to skip the ordinary and jump right to the excellent without paying our dues. The same is true in the fitness world. We want a lean physique without the grind, six-pack abs without giving up the six-pack of beer, and health and longevity without the lifestyle change.

Household names become great by being excellent in the ordinary with a consistent dose of diligence. The same is true for your health and fitness. You become excellent by being consistently diligent with ordinary things. If your goal is to improve your health then you make eating 5 servings of vegetables a habit that you are consistent and diligent with. If you want to get stronger then you become diligent and consistent at strength training your body to handle more.

Get the idea?

One more thing to add. Showing up is ordinary. Ordinary is showing up to work, being a dad, going to the gym, and juggling tasks. Excellent in the ordinary is being present where you’re at when you’re there because what you’re doing in that moment is what matters.

One thing I strive for is to be present when I’m at home. After a long day it would be easy to get home, eat dinner, sit on the couch with the TV on in the background and inactively talk with Katie and play with Sadie. To be an excellent dad when I’m home I do my best (because I’m not perfect) to be present because all that matters is my family.

When it’s time to workout I am present in the ordinary of the warm up, in each rep, set, and interval, fueling and recovering, and giving my best with the training that I’m in.

When I’m with clients I strive to be present with them because in that moment what matters is our conversation and relationship and not what I’m going to eat for lunch.

In the office grinding through work, answering emails, returning phone calls, creating workouts, writing this, marketing, and working the social media world I need to be better at being present. (Honestly probably the area that I may struggle with the most.)

Fit Soldiers Excellence in the ordinary

Excellence isn’t an accident.

So as we get closer to the real summer (June 20) remember to be present in the moment, where you’re at, with the people you’re with, or the work you have. You’re not on summer break (unless you’re a teacher then enjoy it) and be excellent. Practice this in your workouts, your work, with your family, and with your friends.

See you soon for an ordinarily excellent training session!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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