F.I.T. S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S.

As we walk through the 12th day of our annual core value awards (there’s only 11) we recognize one person that we’ve see best represent them all. Well as as many as possible because no one is perfect and fit them all.



The journey of the FIT SOLDIERS award is life changing, how can it not be. The impact is not only through the pounds on the scale or smaller sizes. Nor is it solely found in the self-esteem, confidence, attitude or outlook. Rather the big picture goes far beyond the self. As we say and encourage, it goes beyond our four wall, and into the home, the work place, the community. The big picture changes family trees.

Nearly 13 months ago Desiree came to us having recently began taken the steps (walking and diet) towards a steep goal of 100lb weight loss. A number many who have that much to lose think about, some attempt and even fewer achieve. Month after month she continued to ask questions, apply, get her training sessions in, make big nutritional changes, experiment with nutrition and more.

While her total weight loss has been 90 lbs, she had a shift in mindset about 6 months in from weight loss, weight loss weight loss to… “I think I want to run a 5K…how about a 10K.” Her journey has empowered her to go back to school and in addition to work and a mom of 3.

She sees the total impact on what being healthy means and is always excited for more!

Desiree, simply amazing, you are our 2017 Fit Soldier! Congratulations, we love you and look forward to more greatness in 2018!

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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