Fall Clean and Lean Challenge

FS TransformationAre you tired of:

  • Unsustainable ‘diet’ programs
  • Quick fixes
  • Relying on and paying for expensive products and shakes to see results
  • Counting calories
  • Starving yourself to lose weight
  • And to top it all off regaining the weight and then some faster than you took it off?

Transformation Fit SoldiersLet’s face it. We know more now than we ever have. So, you don’t need more information when it comes to better fitness, fat loss and nutrition. Everything you could want to know, good or bad, and more is out there. Our lives are flooded with heavily marketed promises from 21-Day Fix, 6-minute summer abs, counting calories and macros, to the latest superfoods to boost metabolism.

ENOUGH. It’s time to stop over thinking and cut through all the noise and finally experience life long results that you can OWN forever not just another diet cycle.

Fitness gainedIf you’re sick of the weight loss/weight gain cycle, taking pills, shakes, and products, and done with high risk, high reward, high weight re-gain programs then you’re ready. Ready to end the cycle and start living a healthy vibrant life. It’s time to get back to what works.

Our Clean and Lean program cuts through all the noise and gives you simple need to know information in the right amount at the right time allowing you to learn, apply, and develop good habits Habits that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of heath, fitness and nutrition success, guaranteed! Did I mention that it’s loaded with healthy accountability from professionals and peers?

The Clean and Lean Challenge begins on September 11th and runs for 7 weeks.  

You will receive:

  • Award Winning Group Personal Training (Online clients receive Home and Gym training program)
  • 7 Weeks of high accountability, habit building, and education
  • Recipes and Meal Planning Guidance!
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A
  • Clean Eating Guide
  • Ultimate Shake Guide
  • Ultimate Breakfast Guide
  • Bulk Cooking Guide
  • Meal Portion Guide
  • Weekly Facebook Challenge
  • Weekly Movement Challenge
  • Eligibility for Weekly Prizes
  • A Chance to Win….1 of 3 Grand Prizes?!

“It’s not what you do sometimes that counts, it’s what you do all of the time that counts.” Jack LeLanne

Results at Fit Soldiers

Fit Soldier Transformation

Join our Clean and Lean Program and become healthy all the time.

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Current Members Clean and Lean:
Early Bird Price by August 18th – $49
AFTER August 18th – $59

Non-Member 14 Session Clean and Lean:
Early Bird Price by August 18th – $99
AFTER August 18th – $129

Non-Member 21 Session Clean and Lean:
Early Bird Price by August 18th – $149
AFTER August 18th – $179

Non-Member 35 Session Clean and Lean:
Early Bird Price by August 18th – $199
AFTER August 18th – $229

Not Local, No Problem
Online Only: Early Bird Price by August 18th – $99
AFTER August 18th – $129

There are seven days of the week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them. Register today!

Clean and Lean Important Dates and Details:

  • July 31st – Early Bird Registration Opens
  • August 18th – Early Bird Registration Closes
  • September 7th – Info Meeting 7:00pm
    • Registration Closes
  • September 7th & 8th – Initial Weigh Ins
  • September 11th – Clean and Lean Begins
  • October 27th & 28th – Final Weigh Ins
  • October 28th – Clean and Lean Ends
  • November 3rd – Clean and Lean Party!

Each week prizes will be awarded based on a pre-determined habit or challenge.

The top three transformations will be awarded cash prizes!

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