Fitness Vision Found

I have always been at least somewhat mindful of my health. I would exercise on my own, and did little things here and there. However, I didn’t have a true vision for my health & fitness. In 2012, I decided to get serious. I knew that meant cleaning up my diet, and seriously stepping up my workouts. In 2013, a friend of mine told me about Fit Soldiers, so I tried a couple of the boot camp workouts in the park. In February of 2014 I became a member and have never looked back!

Fit Soldiers Climb

Heather Rocks the Rope Climb!

From the very beginning, Fit Soldiers was different than any other gym I’d tried. I had never received such individualized instruction on form. I had no idea that I wasn’t doing pushups & lunges properly! I learned SO MUCH in the first 6 months alone. I appreciate the trainers being intentional about form and correcting me when I need it (and I still need it!)  It only serves to help me improve!

At one point, I hit a plateau.  I wasn’t making much progress, and was very frustrated. Dave took the time to sit down with me and review my diet and exercise routines. We were able to identify where improvements could be made and it helped get me back on track.

People of EVERY fitness level can benefit from FS. The trainers are educated professionals, and can help modify for injuries and offer progressions to make the workouts more challenging. Whether it’s accomplishing my first pull up, or stepping up my OCR game, the trainers at FS always challenge me and push me to the next level! You will be encouraged by the FS community while you are on your way to a happier, healthier you. I hope my journey will inspire others to have a vision for their future and to make Fit Soldiers part of their success story!

Stop Wandering.
Come Find Your Fitness Vision!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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