Goal Setting Part 2

As I already mentioned to you, today will make or break your goals.

Why? Before there is true long lasting drive towards our goals and milestones there are hopes and dreams. We all have them. At this point you’re really just hoping for wishes and dreams to come true because they sound like a good idea. Maybe you chase that dream for a while hoping that you’ll reach it.

There can be countless reasons that your goals don’t stick and come to fruition. I believe the most important one being that you don’t truly know WHY your goal is your goal. Sure you can tell me that your why is that you want to look good, be a certain weight, fit in a certain clothes, or that you have an event/wedding/vacation coming in 6 months. Although motivating those reasons may not be good enough to sustain much beyond them.

I know because I’ve been there. After training for a marathon I have found myself in a slump and   also lost a lot of fitness because I didn’t know what was next. My goal had a deadline and I was lost once it passed.

Ask yourself. Why do you want to be at a certain weight (insert your goal here)? How will the number on the scale change you? What can you do better or more of once the weight is lost? How do you feel? Who else is your weight loss impacting? What happens next? Why is the number on the scale important?

When you’re on the right track you will be digging down to some real deep answers. Here are some examples that came up from real people just like you. ‘I wish I could play with my kids/grandkids without getting so tired.’  ‘I see my parents health severely declining. I want to be healthier when I’m their age.’  ‘I am pre-diabetic and don’t want to have to take medication the rest of my life.’ ‘I want to get off my medication.’ ‘I’m only in my 30’s and my joints and back are killing me from all this extra weight.’

Those statements have a little more pain and drive living in them compared to ‘My goal is to lose weight.’

Dig deep, get emotional, this is the most important part of defining your goals and milestones.

In my case the drive and intention of health an fitness came after a sidelining injury. Prior to it I was training to qualify for my first Boston marathon, the Super Bowl of marathons! I was in the peak of training when an injury during a recreational soccer game had me extremely sedentary for 3 weeks before and after surgery. Boy was I shocked at what those three weeks did to my fitness level. It came back with some work, but it changed my life forever. As time has passed my WHY has evolved. Currently, I don’t want to be a dad that comes home from a long day and says to my family ‘I’m too tired to play and be present with you tonight.’

So the question remains. What do your goals really mean to you?

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and Your Fit Soldiers Family!

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