Welcome to 2016!

It’s an exciting time of year. It’s a time where goals and resolutions are set and motivation is high. Yes, the it’s true, it is just another day and you can find motivation, start a program, and set new goals any day of the year. Katie and I were in bed at the normal time on New Years Eve and I was up at 5:30 the next morning.

For most, it’s an easy time to wipe the slate clean, find new motivation and charge ahead. I encourage everyone to re-assess what was in the past (2015) and re-evaluate for the future (2016).

So I want to give you some things to think about when your processing through your 2016 goals. These tips aren’t rocket science but will help you identify, plan and follow through with transforming your health and fitness.

Each day over the next week I am going to walk you through setting your goals for 2016. Don’t rush it, think about your true fitness goals. I want you to own the goal just as you will own the success of it.

What are they? Do you have specific goals? They can be in many aspects of your life, but for our purposes we’ll stick to health and fitness. Write them down, define them, and be specific with them.

Saying I want/need to lose weight is a very vague goal. You could lose one pound and say you’re successful. How much do you want to lose?

If you want to get stronger, then define that.

Is it a weight you want to lift?

Do you want to be able to do a pull up?

Do you want to hike a 14er?

Maybe you have a race goal to do your first ever race or improve on a 5k, marathon, or obstacle course race?

If you’re not specific it is very difficult to find motivation, create a plan, and achieve your goals.

Try driving from your house to Oregon without a map (or GPS for that matter). It’s going to take a lot longer to find your way there than it should.

Tomorrow I’ll share the next step which will truly solidify or redefine this health and fitness goal you are creating today.

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and Your Fit Soldiers Family!

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