Goals Part 4: Pie In The Sky?

Are your goals realistic? How do you know you can achieve it?

Your goal/milestone will fall into one of 3 categories. It is easily achievable challenging but achievable, and unachievable.

If your milestone is easily achievable you won’t see near the results if it was more challenging. Having this kind of goal can be slightly motivating but leave you feeling a little unsatisfied with the outcome once you achieve it. These types of little wins are great stepping stones that can lead to bigger results. Here’s an example. If your big goal is fat loss, a way to set small easily achievable goals that will help lead to fat loss is to bring more water. Easy small wins that will lead to drinking more water which is a key component to better fat loss.

The second type of goal is one that is achievable but challenging. This goal when done right will allow you to see significant results. It won’t be easy and will take some intentionality getting to it. Once you’ve reached it you should be proud of yourself and it will leave you motivated and not exhausted. Your goals and milestones should be as close to this nature as possible most of the time.

Finally, the unachievable goal. This is a goal that has little to no hope of coming to fruition. You may make significant progress towards it but you will most likely come up short. I say most likely because they are not impossible. They are the World Series game 7 bottom of the 9th walk off grand slam kind of wins. When you reach them you throw a party!

You shouldn’t avoid them, in fact everyone should have them planned out every once in a while. Why? Failure is good. When we fail it allows us to see our holes and flaws and allows us the opportunity to improve in ways that you would never know if you always made achievable goals.

Back to goal setting, here are some things to take into consideration when mapping out your various achievable and unachievable goals. Do you have the time, resources, support, money, knowledge, willpower, drive, grit, and determination to back up and create a realistic goal?

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