Goals Part 5: When?

How long will it take for you to get to your goal or milestone? I see this a lot. People come in and say they want to lose 75 pounds. They get started. They lose a significant amount of weight over several months but end up hitting a plateau.

What happen? A realistic 75 pound loss can take a year give or take to get to. A lot can happen in a year to demotivate and cause you to lose steam.

So what should we do instead? Well, certainly have the major goal in mind of 75 pounds but we need to break it into smaller chunks that will happen in a shorter amount of time to allow them to motivate us through the little wins along the way.

A time frame can also provide some accountability and motivation. If you have one week left before and your not far off from achieving your milestone then it can drive down the home stretch. Accountability can come from supportive peers that are rooting you and calling you out until you get to where you said you would be.

Now wrap up your goal with a timeframe. If it’s a far off goal then add in intermediate goals along the way. If its a short term goal then start thinking now of what your next adventure will be.

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