Grandma’s Famous Christmas Cookies!

Did you make the most of it?
We are in full swing of the holiday eating season. I have been checking in with clients following Halloween and Thanksgiving, leading into Christmas and New Year’s. Some are adjusting to a new normal with family members passing. When the topic of food comes up I hear comments on every end of the spectrum.
From, ‘oh I ate great’ to, ‘it wasn’t the turkey but the pie that got me…’
So as always, I got to thinking and the question I’ve been coming back to is:

Did you enjoy your time? Did you enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones over Thanksgiving or celebrating a lost loved ones life.
As we know there will always be food. Good, bad, and ugly you’re never going to escape it, especially when it comes to a family gathering, your aunts famous dish, or a specific food that reminds you of your late parent. There is deep emotion, history, blood, sweat, and tears that are poured into these occasions.
They are things we look forward to and are a part of the enjoyment as we’re heading to grandmas house for Christmas dinner. Can you imagine what it would be like without some of these comforts?
These foods are more than just calories. They can also be emotional and deeply engrained in our traditions. So really, what would it be like without these traditions? It would be a Thanksgiving spread with only perfectly healthy food and perfect portions.
The truth is, that yes food equals calories. We preach here at Fit Soldiers about quality, whole, minimally processed foods being best, but calories come and go. We can make up for a surplus with extra movement and better eating later on.
The thing that you can’t change or get back is the moment in time that you spent with loved ones.
So through the rest of this season I am not giving you a free pass to eat and over-eat on the seasons treats. Rather, take care of the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s gatherings by continuing to plan, shop, and prepare as best you can. Then give yourself some grace for the ab workout you get from the belly laughs you have with your friends and family over your favorite Christmas cookies and a tall glass of milk to wash it down!
Don’t worry, we’ll help you take care of the extra calorie burn. Just be consistent and get in here!
Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and Your Fit Soldiers Family!
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