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Our latest Fit Soldier Finest is Anna!! She has been a rockstar of everything Fit Soldiers, from long term progressions with strength, nutrition, and all things health. To knowing that it’s not about her. Yes, it starts with her, but she knows her strengths are nothing if they aren’t used to support our charity boot camps, shovel driveways and so much more. Recently she has latched on to a whole other level of nutrition and eating and is seeing massive ‘gains’ in how she feels and performs especially mentally!

Anna, keep it up girl, you are a Fit Soldier Finest! Thank You!

I’ve been an athlete since I’ve was 7-years old swimming competitively until I graduated from High School. After HS I found other ways to feed my habit, running, aerobics, step boxing, yoga, swimming – I tried it all…. everything, that is, except strength training because I was not good at it and I did not like it. After my oldest daughter was born 28 years ago I started running due to the time restraints that come with having a young family. I was what you might call a lazy runner. Sure, I’d run 6 miles 5 days per week. But I never really trained – I just ran and thought that would take care of everything. I was satisfied with running the 10 minute mile. No more, no less.

Fit Soldiers Strong!Fast forward ahead about 20 years and some pretty dramatic life changes. I was 45 years old and my husband passed away suddenly. I lost interest in everything except putting my children and myself back together emotionally. So for the next 5 years I floundered trying to find that spark of interest for something that had truly defined me since I was a little kid…. My fitness!

I walked into Fit Soldiers at 50 years old, 20 pounds heavier then I’d ever been, and out of shape for the first time in my life. I truly thought that I’d lost the one thing that I could always depend on – my physical health.

2-1/2 Years later I am healthier, happier and in better shape than I’ve ever been in. I’ve learned that you cannot out train a bad diet, (something I didn’t worry about before turning 50), I’ve learned that with strength training my cardio and endurance performance is enhanced, I’ve learned that eating properly is just as important as exercising my body and that the two things go hand and hand. I’ve learned that the only competition I have is myself. These things, plus so much more, I’ve learned from my tenure at Fit Soldiers.

Anna Terrain RaceDavid and Joey know me – they know when and how to push me. They believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. They encourage me to try a pushup from my toes, to go up from a 9kg kettlebell to a 12kg kettlebell and to jump up on a box! Things that I never thought I had to do – things that I never thought mattered. But they worked with me and cheered the first time I was able to jump on that box – the first time I did a pushup from my toes. They are my coaches, my mentors and my friends.

I work from home and the people in my “home group” at Fit Soldiers have become very important to me. I work alongside people who are younger than me and people who are older than me but all of them are there for the same reason. We’re looking for something different, something challenging, something that we can be proud of and something that we can be a part of. I know that I’ve found it at Fit Soldiers.

–Anna R.

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