Have A Filling Thanksgiving

That’s not a title you’re going to hear from many gyms, trainers, or fitness enthusiasts. In fact you may commonly see workouts and exercises comparing how much you need to bust your butt in order to burn off what you ate. Yet, we want you to be FULL this Thanksgiving.

An aspect of health that is to often overlooked is being grateful for the things you have and thankful for those around you. It’s a shame that we are over conscious of it this time of year and overlook it the other 11 months.

Being thankful and having gratitude have such a big impact on our health that it can even be a factor to cause you to hold on to unwanted pounds and even cause weight gain! Being grateful goes far beyond the physical and has a large impact on mental health as well.

I believe that not being thankful and grateful in addition to the stress’ of trying to eat ‘perfect’ while sacrificing the joy of being around the company of family and friends can carry more detrimental health effects. Sure the comfort food of Thanksgiving certainly has the impact of added calories, less quality ingredients, increased sugar, and alcohol. However, these are all things we can keep in moderation and on the back end you can do something about.

What you can’t do anything about is savoring the flavor of grandmas famous pie one more time, being around distant family, and the growth of relationships that the holiday is meant to magnify.

A phrase I often remind myself of is ‘Don’t let your comfort steal your joy.’ Meaning, me being so tight in  my comfort zone that it steals the joy of what could be happening. An example; if i’m ‘too tired’ to play with my kids when I get home that I just sit on the couch and ‘veg out’. I’m letting my comfort (tired, vegging out) steal the joy that we could be having as a family. In which case I will sacrifice my comfort any day!

Similarly but perhaps on the opposite end of the spectrum would be to not let one day of being strict and rigid to my goals, steal the joy of family, food, fellowship and fun!

So my challenge to you. Be WISE by not being a glutton, but still partake in the food with no reservations or guilt of the impact it may have on your goals. All with the intention of honoring your guests and magnifying the good that can only come from fellowships like this.

My hope is that when we see you on Friday, Saturday, Monday, next time… you will be able to say that you had an amazing, rejuvenating, and ‘filling’ Thanksgiving, now let’s crank it!

Happy Thanksgiving

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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