Healthier in my 50’s!

I have always had an interest in working out. While attending Cornell University, I played football and could bench press 355 lbs! After my college days, I stayed in shape by running, bicycling, hiking, skiing, and working out at my house and the Thornton Rec. Center.  I had to stop running about 10 years ago though because of the stress on my knees.

Over the years I was trying to stay in shape but not working very hard at it. I was in fair shape but had been gaining a few pounds each year. My workouts were the same all the time so I was bored and just going through the motions. I felt I needed a change of scenery. If I really wanted to get in better shape, I knew I had to work out harder than I was. Two of my friends kept telling me about Fit Soldiers, but I kept using my recovery from knee surgery as my excuse not to join. I finally joined in late July 2010. I love the variety of workouts…

steve-after-2Every workout is different! I hate to miss a workout so I make it a priority to be there.  I also enjoy the company of the people I work out with.  We work hard, sweat, and laugh. We all truly enjoy being there with each other.

In fall 2011 I took the “Maximize your Metabolism” class at Fit Soldiers, which helped me lose 16 lbs. Since then I am still challenged each day to eat healthier and make better choices.

I understand better now that it takes a greater commitment both physically and mentally to live healthier. The biggest change for me is my drive and focus to improve my health in the years to come versus just accepting that my physical condition will decline as I age. I want to be active with my grandchildren in the years ahead.

My fitness motto is: Live healthier today so I can enjoy good health throughout my 50’s and beyond!

 ~Steve R.

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