I Like The Way You Move!

This totally just pumps me up!

Each and every one of our bodies are amazing miracles. Constantly progressing or regressing depending on the stimuli, food, rest, and more that you expose it to. In addition to that, we each learn, process, and apply information differently. So it’s super exciting and rewarding after teaching, educating and encouraging you to eat better to see light bulb turn on and more pieces of the puzzle come together.

Similarly, the way our brain processes and understands information you hear and see, it is also doing the same biomechanically. Your brain fires impulses that send information to your muscles to move your joints, ultimately you!  Call it your physical IQ!

Recently we held a Kettlebell Workshop. Kettlebell mechanics require quite a bit of coordination to perform and progress properly. So when at the KB Workshop someones movement starts to click it and the light bulb turns on, it jacks me up in the same way you sharing an ‘Ah Ha’ moment of nutrition.

Why? What does it mean? With coordination and clean movement mechanics comes better athleticism.

Bottom line we’re all athletes at some level or another. As you improve your coordination you become more athletic there by creating better body awareness and better movement. This in turn enables you to do more efficient work (move better and easier), that allows for an increased work production (do more), lift heavier (stronger), resist injury better (durable), and so much more.

So what does it mean for you? Get off the bench and play… If you’re watching the ‘game’ from the bench you’re going through the motions of practice (working hard) but are you learning, processing, and applying, with intention, the hard work you’re putting in? Rather, be a student of your own health, fitness, and lifestyle. Understand where you’re at and take ownership of your progress and get better.

As I mentioned above, we all learn, process, and apply these things at different rates. Don’t get frustrated with the process, keep pressing on. Eventually light bulbs will begin to turn on and shine bright!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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