Infobesity Part 1

InfobesityDo you read magazines, scroll through endless social media feeds, watch TV, or listen to your friends family or co-workers all talk about a new superfood, diet, shake, exercise, or workout?

If so you may be suffering from INFOBESITY.

Infobesity may be the cause of your lack of fitness results. You are on information overload when it comes to the best way to lose weight. But it’s not your fault. The health and fitness industry is just trying to sell a magazine, product, program, fad diet or supplement and make a buck.

All this however is not helping your fitness and fat loss results. Each time you turn around you’re posed with a headline reading ‘5 Minute Abs’, ‘New Celebrity Weight Loss Plan’, or the TV telling you about the newest superfood promising weight loss. Now there’s no doubt that all these things will have some effect on you in a seemingly positive way. The problem is most of them are based off of misleading studies or promising short term gains that lead to short term results. As you’ll hear us say:

The more extreme the method and results, the larger the rebound. If you go on a crash diet and lose 10 lbs in 3 days you better believe it’s not sustainable and when you go back to eating ‘normal’ you’ll see an even larger weight gain.

So what’s an aspiring ‘fit’ person to do?

  1. First stop believing everything you see. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Know your why. If you’re looking to lose weight because you want to be ‘skinny’, your doctor said so, or you just want to be at your (insert High School weight here) then you’re climbing up the wrong ladder. As we’ve talked before, your true WHY should light a fire under your caboose. It should drive you to wake up early or sacrifice TV and couch time for something more productive to your health. Maybe it’s your kids or grandkids or a recent diagnosis. What ever it is, it needs to be yours. OWN IT!
  3. Keep it simple. Eating right, working out and seeing results does not have to be complicated. In fact it’s quite simple. Do not, however, mistake simple for easy. If you’re looking for easy unsustainable results that will throw you back on the yo-yo cycle then stop reading and go back to what you we’re doing. If you’re committed to progress of your health and fitness goals then keep reading.

I’m going to park here on the simple. If you’ve got the fire of WHY stoked then the simple becomes easier. In the nutrition and food space I’ll break it down to two things.

First, drastically or completely eliminate your sugar and processed foods. Sugar has ties, major or minor, to all disease. From inflamation, to diabetes, and cancer added sugar is not your friend. Processed food, carbs especially, are no better. Any nutrients in the whole food are lost when it is processed. This includes your “healthy” processed foods like whole grains or organic. When a food is processed it breaks it down and contains little to no fiber, vitamins, or minerals. Because it’s processed it will often give a blood sugar spike that will trigger an insulin response just as if not worse than added sugars. Simple answer dump the junk and get rid of sugars and processed foods.

Second, eat real, whole, fresh food. Fresh foods that will go bad or expire within a week; think fruits, veggies, meats, seafood etc. Often times we get caught up in reading labels. This solves that problem because you won’t find labels on most fresh food. Think about it. When was the last time you saw an apple or head of lettuce with a nutrition facts label?

So there you have you’re cure for infobesity at least in the nutrition space. Eat less sugar and processed foods. Consume whole foods. The cool thing is that here at Fit Soldiers we are the ONLY group training gym that dedicates an hour of our time to make sure we know and understand where you are physically and nutritionally. We call it a success session. We want to know you in order to serve you better! Call to day to learn more about how we can help cure you of infobesity and teach you life long fitness and nutrition habits! 720.382.5240

Next week I’ll cover the sweaty fitness side of infobesity and simplify the training and workout space.

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!