Infobesity Part 2

InfobesityI hope from last week you’ve cleared out the clutter on nutrition, are eating simple and healthy, and not falling for healthy marketing.

This week I’m going to tackle the infobesity in the exercise, training, workout space. Whether it’s an infomercial, magazine, or workout fad you’re probably on information overload. How can we get 5 minute abs and summer bodies? Should I do a boot camp, personal trainer, videos, or just start running?

Well let me clear some things up, and again it may sound more simple than you may think. Remember the goal here is to simplify the infobesity, not add to it.

  1. STOP, and when it ends, it begins… Start simplifying the fitness chaos starts with stopping. Stop bouncing around from program to class, to magazine. Inherently they will all have some benefit but you must stick to them. Start staying focused on one thing.
  2. Identify your WHY. If it’s ‘because I need to’, or ‘my doc said so’ then it’s time to reevaluate. Dig a little deeper and are you trying to be strong, lean, and fit to keep up with kids, do your job better, run a marathon. Knowing the why will say a lot about the the direction you head in.
  3. Have fun. This is the kicker. Too many people venture down a fitness road with high intentions only to be miserable with WHAT their doing. When you’re not having fun then you’re not going to see near the results you could if you were. You’ll be less committed and you’ll fall off track so much easier than if you were enjoying it. Part of this is finding a community of likeminded people that will support, challenge and motivate you to do your best and have more fun! Once the fun factor is high you forget that you’re even working out. This is what we truly call play! Yes adults can play too.

As tough as the name Fit Soldiers sounds, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We understand your fitness has to be fun so we layer in games to allow you to play that will also enhance performance! If you’re tire of dragging yourself to the treadmill, or know you should do something but dread going to the gym then it’s time to mix it up. Give us a call! 720-382-5240

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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