Fit Soldiers are INTENTIONAL

Being intentional towards your goals and bettering yourself pays off big time.

Patrick started with Fit Soldiers in January 2017. Since his start, he has decided to make a true commitment to his health. He has done that nutritionally and physically. Patrick has done  “The Whole 30” and continues to follow the basic guidelines. He has continued  to workout on his own time in addition to the Fit Soldiers workouts. He has participated in 5K races and even a Triathlon.  These are things he did over 25 years ago. Not something he has done in recent years. 
It has been a lot of hard work both mentally and physically. When he feels stuck, he is not afraid to asks for advice. Most important, he is ready to hear that advice. Patrick tries to plan his meals and workouts. He sets a goal and strives to achieve them.
During our 28 Days of Gratitude he was nearly perfect sharing what he is grateful for nearly every day.
This last year Patrick has lost over 45 pounds alone!
Keep up the good work, it clearly pays off.
Congratulations you are impressive! We love you brotha!

Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family!

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