Is Perfection Your Enemy?

I often see big problems with the attitude of ‘everything needs to be perfect…’ approach. Or maybe you prefer, ‘when the stars align’. How about we get more practical… ‘When I just have enough time to workout.’ ‘Now is not the right time to start eating better.’

The list could go on and on but in our head we have this pretty picture of the perfect schedule, meal plan, gym, workout partner, coach, workout, weather… When what we’re really offering ourselves is excuse after excuse.

We let PERFECT become the enemy of GOOD.

Just because situations aren’t perfect doesn’t mean that you can’t eat better, move more, and simply take action.

I don’t expect a new client that relies on a drive-thru for breakfast, lunch and dinner to suddenly blink and begin eating all whole foods and organic. BETTER for that person is less fast food and more fresh food. Change and healthy habits take time and are not realistic or sustainable when we shoot for a complete 180 to perfection. They rarely, RARELY workout.

At the start it will be hard to change old routines and begin eating better, and working out. It’s really hard. Don’t let that hold you back. Physical and nutritional greatness will never come with out getting dirty.

Picture this… The most beautiful tree you’ve ever seen…got it? I’ll help you, since we’re in Colorado here are some aspens…

Now don’t think for a minute that they just magically appeared out of no where. They’ve got roots. Roots that had to claw their way through the dirt in search for water, nutrients, and a stable grounding. Roots that prevent the mountain winds, snow, and rain from blowing them over. They’re stuck down deep in muck and mire in order to sustain it’s life and produce beauty.

That’s our life. That’s our health. We need to know in order to produce good fruit, we need to be rooted and fed in good soil. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, but the outcome will amaze you.

My challenge is to dig deep, look for opportunities to root down into better soil and take it one inch at a time whether it be better food, support, workouts, hydration, education, community, what have you. Find it, grow into it and latch on. We are the greatest miracles on this earth and God has greatness planned for you and it’s never going to be perfect.

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