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My name is Jeanette Roldan. I’m a Colorado native, Mother and wife.  I enjoy baking, camping and running. I’m always moving and I’m never in one place too long. I have a 12 year old daughter named Yazmine and she is my world. My ultimate goal is to be a person she can look up to.

Fit Soldiers Jeanette RoldanHealth and fitness was never part of my lifestyle. Growing up in a Hispanic family we love the traditional Mexican foods and to be honest, most of the meals are not the healthiest choices out there. I was pretty thin growing up, but with age and a child the weight joined in on the fun.  I was not obese but my body was definitely changing and not in a good way. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I tried a fad diet and it actually worked and was not all bad. I only gained about 5 lbs back after but it did not teach me what I needed to live an ideal lifestyle. It was a quick fix. I did not have an exercise routine in place either.

I heard about Fit Soldiers in 2010 through my job. They came on board as one of the new fitness programs and so I joined. I am truly appreciative of this program. The trainers have taught me so much from nutrition to proper form when exercising.  All the trainers carry so much knowledge and apply it to the workouts. I have learned so much about nutrition. Although nutrition will always continue to be a struggle as “life happens” I know I always need to go back to it. These words continue to haunt me day in and day out “You cannot out train a poor diet”. 

My advice to anyone considering joining Fit Soldiers is to know that they are not just a place to work out, they are family. They not only focus on the workout but also the most important piece which is nutrition. I ultimately love the program and will never forget all that I have learned.


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