Keep It Out!

Keep It Out!

Life is crazy. We all, for the most part, know what’s good and bad. And an even more obvious ‘rule of thumb’ is if it’s not good don’t buy it and bring it into the house! So what did Team Mura do this past week? You guessed it. We picked up some cookies and cream ice cream. If only we had kept it out of the house and left it on the shelf the inevitable wouldn’t have happened…

Sadie goes down to sleep and I pull out the ice cream and start eating…right out of the container. Far too many portions later I ask Katie to take it away. She goes on tidying up the kitchen. Meanwhile I’m three more bites closer to the bottom and I ask her again. “Katie, can you please take this from me, otherwise I’m going to eat the whole thing.”

Thankfully she did, but it’s never soon enough. The better option would have been to have left it at the store where we found it.

This cycle is repeated for a couple nights and finally, no more cookies and cream! The result was a near ice cream headache, poor quality sleep, and a drag myself out of bed kind of morning.

Moral of the story, Keep It Out Of The House. Learn from our faults, we’re human too!

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