Life is Amazing!

Fitness has always been a part of my life. It’s a lifestyle choice for me. I was always active as a child and young adult, and my love for staying fit has stayed a big part of my life. My fitness was good before I joined Fit Soldiers, but not as well rounded as it could have been. I joined Fit Soldiers because of Dave. He was my personal trainer at a club and decided to open his own business. I found Dave to be very dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive. I couldn’t imagine my fitness routine without him.

Since starting Fit Soldiers, I have stopped wearing wrist guards (I used to need them for my weak wrists), and lost 10 lbs. I’ve also starting eating a well balanced diet with lots of vegetables and lots of water….just can’t get me to give up the wine. 🙂

Some of the things I love most about Fit Soldiers are the core group of people I work out with, Lesli and her crazy sense of humor, and Dave and his great attitude. What keeps me coming back though is VARIETY! It’s never, ever the same class! They keep it fresh and new all the time!

I’m a big cyclist and have been riding for over 10 years. This year, with the help of Fit Soldiers, I completed the most challenging century bike ride in the country, The Deer Creek Challenge (100 miles and an elevation gain of over 12,742 ft) and completed my 3rd 1/2 marathon. Life is Amazing! Thank you Fit Soldiers.

~Diane A.

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