Love My Body 1st Time Ever!

I have been heavy since pre-adolescence. After having three children, my weight has been up and down, but over the years it has gotten harder and harder to get the weight off.  I have been a classic yo-yo dieter, never being able to find a balance between eating “regular” and eating healthy.

I hired a personal trainer when I reached 40 and loved it. But I focused only on getting stronger and more in shape, and avoided doing anything about my weight. I trained for and completed the Danskin triathalon, while being 25 pounds heavier than I am today. As life got busy I stopped seeing her. Over the years, I tried different exercise programs but never stuck with any. I would get bored and groan when I would see how little time had passed. 

I joined Fit Soldiers December 21, 2011. I tried it once and fell in love. I also was so encouraged by the trainers and the other “soldiers.”  Despite being terribly out of shape, everyone encouraged and helped me along. I remember trying to do a regular plank, and Diane (another “soldier”) was talking me through it, believing in me. I didn’t even know her. I became much stronger than I had ever been. I try to come 5 days a week and also do semi-private training. It is easy because I have fun. I have a family here. I now schedule my day around my workout, because my mental health depends upon it.

I then shifted my focus to the nutrition piece by joined Fit Soldiers Maximize Your Metabolism class.  I found encouragement again with my fellow MYM’ers.  I knew what to eat, and even finished a two year post-doc in nutrition, but I wasn’t eating the way I should. With Fit Soldiers MYM I learned HOW to do it, how to plan, how to cook, and how to make it a habit. Now, it’s second nature. I have found that I can eat healthier, eat a wide variety of tasty foods (not just salads), and keep my weight steady, even when traveling and eating out 3-4 days some weeks.

I turn 50 this year, and can honestly say I am healthier than ever. I am a good weight, I love my body for the first time ever, and I am eating healthy. Now months go by without tracking my foods or worrying about weight because I have made that lifestyle change. I could never have done this without Dave, Lesli and Joey, and the encouragement of my Fit Soldiers family. I’m looking forward to starting this decade off in the best mental and physical health I have ever been in!

Erin R.

Fit Soldiers Fitness Revolution
2100 East 112th Avenue #2
Northglenn, CO 80233