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Welcome Jenn to our Fit Soldiers Finest club. This recognition of progress not perfection, welcoming and serving others, and knowing it’s not about her but she needs to be her best in order to give others her best. Jenn is a Fit Soldier that has been with us since the early days, 2010! Over the years she has had many ‘ah ha’ moments that make up her journey and you’ll almost always find her at a charity boot camp. Jenn you are truly what it means to be a Fit Soldier and we greatly appreciate having you in our FS Family!

At almost 50 years old I can say I feel stronger than I have felt since I was a teenager. I came to Fit Soldiers 4 years ago at an all-time high weight. I haven’t always struggled with my weight but after having three children and focusing on raising them I stopped exercising regularly or paying attention to good nutrition. As a child and teenager, I had always been active and participated in sports, mostly track and swimming in high school and hiking and water skiing in college, but as I got older I forgot how much I loved to do those things.

Fit Soldier Transformation

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Prior to starting with Fit Soldiers my greatest obstacle was feeling motivated enough to consistently exercise. I heard about Fit Soldiers by doing a search online for group, boot camp style workouts. I had participated in a class at the rec. center and really liked the group style and types of exercises so I wanted to find something similar. I found a listing for Fit Soldiers and thought about stopping by for a couple of months. Finally, my husband and I stopped by one Saturday, signed up, and I have loved it ever since!

About two years ago, I struggled with a significant flare up of arthritis, affecting my knees and feet. Before this I didn’t realize I had arthritis and when it happened I really thought I wasn’t old enough to be dealing with this. For about four months I had a lot of pain and stiffness which made any exercise, even walking, difficult. I took a break from Fit Soldiers, did some physical therapy to regain some strength and mobility and then finally came back after about six months. My arthritis feels so much better when I move regularly. The trainers at Fit Soldiers have been so helpful in modifying exercises to accommodate any limitations I have and they are all so knowledgeable about the best stretches and exercises to increase mobility.

Most of all the people at Fit Soldiers keep me motivated. This summer I participated in my first obstacle course race. It was tough, but so much fun! Dave says that exercise should be fun and at Fit Soldiers it really is. I never thought I would look forward to the workouts like I do and I truly miss the workouts, the trainers, and the people when I am away for too long. Fit Soldiers continues to keep me moving and striving for healthy fun!

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