Mel’s Story

First and foremost I am a mother. I have three of the most beautiful girls and they are my everything! And literally, from day one they have received ALL of my attention. Of course, inadvertently that meant everything else in my life was put on the back burner. Unfortunately, this also included my own personal health and fitness.

Rewind a bit… Prior to kids I would have never classified myself as a “fit” individual, but I also never struggled to maintain my weight. Have you ever heard the term “skinny-fat”?!

Now, fast forward 7 years and 3 children later… 

mel-beforeI had several pounds and inches to lose. I could hardly carry my newborn in her baby carrier without being short of breath. I decided it was time to take control of my health and that didn’t only mean to lose all that stubborn “baby weight”. I went into my membership at Fit Soldiers with no concern for “my number” on the scale. To me that was only a numerical reflection of my relationship with gravity. Instead I was choosing to focus on my overall health and well-being.

I so badly wanted to be STRONG. I have 3 young girls that would be looking up to me as a role-model and I wanted them to see a strong, fit, healthy women, because I realized quickly that my relationship with my own body would somehow translate onto my daughters and their own relationship with their bodies. I was choosing to lead by example, so I needed to find a fitness program that emphasized a lifestyle change vs. a quick “temporary” fix.

mel-after_jpegI joined Fit Soldiers in October 2013 just 8 weeks after the birth of my last daughter. I was so incredibly eager to start but also scared at the same time, because if I could hardly carry my children without feeling out of shape then, “How was I going to make it through the workouts?” Luckily, I have had the support of my husband. He agreed to make the lifestyle change with me.

With his support throughout each workout and the encouragement from Fit Soldiers Family (trainers and peers), I can say I have met and exceeded my initial fitness goals and that I am stronger and healthier.

Every workout continues to challenge me, but because of this I am capable of so much more than I ever would have thought. I now thrive off of trying to keep my family active. While the past 10 months have been a huge success, I do not plan on stopping now or slowing down anytime soon. For me and my family, this is just the beginning of our new lifestyle. Thank you Fit Soldiers!

~Melanie M.

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