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As a young man I was in the US NAVY for three and a half years. During that time I had a serious accident which crushed my spine and left me in a body cast for 8 months. Because of that it has always been difficult for me to keep weight off.

Steve Finest Flex

Steve Flexing Like Never Before

In 1976 I met and married my wife Alice.  We raised two boys together. Over the years, I just worked and lay around the house doing nothing. Then we joined a gym and by working with trainers and on my own I lost some weight. But after doing that for a while, it became boring to do the same thing every day and I put the weight back on.

In October 2010 my wife Alice had read an article about Fit Soldiers and said we should check it out.  So while on a walk one day we stopped by.  They had a class in session and we both liked what we saw. We asked the owners some questions and decided to give it a try. The trainers are always making sure you are doing the workouts correctly.  They make it fun to come in and workout.  Since joining Fit Soldiers I have lost 20 pounds and feel more energized than ever!

~Steve R.

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