More Energy Less Stress


It was my wife that actually gave me the nudge to try something new.  We were driving by Fit Soldiers one day and saw a bunch of folks outside working out.  It looked like something totally different then what I was doing before.  I was looking to try something new besides those big box gyms where you do the same thing over and over again. I was no longer motivated at those kinds of places and had stopped going.  After my first Fit Soldiers workout…

…I was hooked! 

Before I came to Fit Soldiers I thought I was in fairly good shape because I played soccer, hiked, and biked.  But now I have a lot more stamina when playing soccer and I can run the whole game. Another thing I have noticed is that typical hikes used to tire me out and now a 5 mile hike is a breeze! 

Since I started at Fit Soldiers I’ve dropped 10 pounds and 5% body fat. My fitness level has never been higher!  I have more energy during the day, my stress level is a lot lower, and my core is solid. Also having great personal trainers has helped me work on my form, which has made my workouts a lot better. 

Another thing that has changed since coming here is my nutrition. Dave did a grocery store tour that made me more aware of what is actually in food.  Now I check the food labels and try to stay away from fast food places. I’m eating more fruits, vegetables, and also eating at home more. I buy food that is good for me instead of ice cream and cookies.

My two favorite things about Fit Soldiers are the trainers and the people who are there.  Everyone is in an upbeat mood and encourages each other to get better. I like the variety of exercises we do too.  We focus on all the different parts of the body each workout.  You never know what to expect when you walk through the doors!

Mike K.