Motivated Mama!

Motivated Mama

Full-Time Student and Single Mom!

Before Fit Soldiers I was always active at another gym. However, I felt like a number and the sales pressure from within the organization was getting too much for me to tolerate.  I felt that if I did not purchase personal training then I would not get the support I needed. 

I saw the FREE two-week advertisement from Fit Soldiers and immediately filled out the information.  I was so excited I did not wait for Dave to call me I just showed up.  I wanted to try it out because I had participated in a “boot camp” class at previous gym, but it was considered an extra on top of the regular membership.

Goals I have accomplished so far include correct push-ups, increase and strength and I am amazed at the stamina I had climbing a 14er last summer.  Another thing I have changed is my relationship with food.  I LOVE food and have used it for every emotion.  However, I have come to realize it is only a temporary fix.  My past sugary treats aren’t satisfying to me anymore.  Now I really enjoy my apples and peanut butter as my treat! 

The Fit Soldiers team (Dave, Katie, Leslie and Joey) is awesome!!!   They all make me feel comfortable to ask them anything when it comes to nutrition and or exercise.  I also enjoy the “High Fives” after our workout.  I know that seems kind of silly, but if you think about it on a daily basis how many times a day does someone ever tell you “Good Job”?  I love to workout and I find it cathartic for me, but I get a thrill when our main workout is completed and we are all celebrating one another for finishing another work out.  I feel the support from everyone and I look forward to attending the next class.

Next up, pull-ups and Survivor 5K in July with my daughters Allison and Clare!!

Nancy C.