Never Felt Better

Most days I would spend time at the gym burning calories on the cardio machines and starving myself.

I had the mindset that skinny women just didn’t eat. I had no energy or muscle tone. Basically I was “skinny fat”. I knew I needed something different and that’s when I noticed the Fit Soldiers sign. After my first visit I knew this was the place for me.

Dave and the trainers have taught me that consuming calories doesn’t mean I will gain weight, it means that I am fueling my body to perform by eating the right portions and eating small meals. With that knowledge and trying to practice it on a daily basis, I have never felt better in my life.
I love how Fit Soldiers has inspired me to believe in myself and believe that I could change physically and emotionally. The early morning class is very supportive which inspires me to be super motivated. It also helps that Dave is so focused and positive.

My current fitness goals are to get stronger, leaner, and to keep challenging myself. Being fit & healthy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones.

~Carleen C.

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