No Longer Lazy

Meaney before

“Lazy…glass half empty”

My story can basically be summed up with the word lazy and a “glass half empty” attitude. I was an athlete throughout most of high school and then in my junior year I was in an accident and fractured one of my vertebrae. That effectively ended my high school sports and my “hardcore” workout routine. I continued to play recreational sports and had to keep up some level of fitness for work, but year after year I got heavier and heavier and became more and more lazy. This led to an attitude of “I can’t change”, “some people are just bigger than others”, “I’ll never be a runner” and blah, blah, blah.


Fit Phil Conquering!

In 2011 my friend and co-worker Aaron began his weight loss journey. I watched from a distance, cheering him on, but not buying into what he was doing. All throughout 2011 he worked and lost weight. I gained weight and became more negative.

In March of 2012 my then four year old son began playing soccer. I was 150% more excited than he was because I had always dreamed of being able to coach my kids in sports and share that with them. Right after signing him up he asked me to start teaching him so we laced up and headed out to the front yard. That was when I hit complete rock bottom. Within five minutes I was exhausted. I couldn’t teach him anything because I couldn’t catch my breath and had to sit down. I watched disappointment flash across my son’s face and I knew that it was time for a change.

So I began the same program Aaron Pataluna was doing. I began watching what I ate and did a couch to 5k run program. Then in June of 2012 Aaron signed all of us detectives up for Fit Soldiers. When we began I appreciated that I could do the workouts at my pace and not feel completely dead the next day. As my health improves the workouts continues to challenge me. I enjoy the group atmosphere and the motivation we all give each other. Also Clint and Joey know just how to squeeze a little bit more out of me each workout.

Fit Phil TransformationMy lifestyle has completely changed. It’s almost a total reversal. I know my overall health is drastically different. I eat better and control my portions. I run almost always three times a week and work out with Fit Soldiers twice a week. I’ve gone from 312lbs to 232lbs. Best of all, now I coach my sons and can play with them. I’m competing in races and obstacle mud runs and seriously considering working towards a half marathon. I completed the Tough Mudder this past summer and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. Fit Soldiers was and is a HUGE part of that moment.

~Phil M.

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