Off That Roller Coaster Once and For All

My weight has been a roller coaster my entire life. My lowest point was in 1998 when I was at my heaviest weight ever, 176 pounds…

Robin After

Rockin’ Robin!

In 2011 I was running with a good friend a couple times a week (Diane A.) and she was always talking about this great boot camp she would go to in the mornings.  My brother Joe was also always talking about a boot camp he was going to in the evenings… I realized they were both talking about Fit Soldiers.

Before I began training at Fit Soldiers I THOUGHT I was in pretty good shape because I was consistently running and doing weights at home. Boy was I surprised after a one week trial with Fit Soldiers.  I realized just how little I was achieving on my own.  I have been coming ever since! Exercise is now my priority.

I love the trainers!  I love how the workouts are always different and challenging.  I really enjoy working out with my fellow Fit Soldiers because they help push me.  I also love the Fight Soldiers program and I’m excited that I can do boxing twice a week.

Since I started Fit Soldiers I have dropped a pants size and can tell I have toned up by the way a lot of my clothes fit now.  My cholesterol dropped significantly from a year ago and I’m actually in the normal range now. I’m running my 3rd half marathon in September and hope to finish even a little faster than my last one.  I just want to GET BETTER.  I want to get stronger, leaner, and faster.

I turned 45 this year and I’m in the best physical condition I have ever been in.  I’m determined to stay off that roller coaster once and for all.     

~Robin M.

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