Once You Pop…

  …You Can’t Stop, I bet you completed that line before you even clicked to open this newsletter.

Imagine that, the tag line of Pringles, food that’s actually marketed and formulated to get you to eat MORE, and not more of a good thing that’s going to help you live healthier. And ya know what, they’re not the only ones. How about lite beer? It’s designed to allow you to consume the calories, not fill up, drink more, and finish the pizza all at the same time, all while marketing to you that it’s LITE!
The reality of it is that the majority of our food is marketed to be tasty, appealing, and crave worthy and at the same time designed to make us consume, and crave more than necessary. In fact, 80% of the food in a grocery store is heavily processed and has added sugar in it. Sure the marketing can be sexy, and the food is made to taste good, but what is it really doing to our bodies inside and out? It’s pretty insane! And it’s not helping us achieve our goals.
The good news is it’s pretty easy to spot the foods that will keep you hungry, deliver calories to you at a rapid rate, and have low nutritional value. They are probably
  • packaged in a box, bag, or can, and possibly even stating some big health claim (whole grains, fat free, gluten free). 
  • have several and even countless ingredients, many you may not be able to pronounce.
  • There is a coupon for it…?

I have a funny story about this last one…

A couple years ago Katie and I decided to get the newspaper primarily for all of the coupons. There sure were a lots of coupons and we could save more money than we actually spend on the paper. So we started getting it and would soon find out that after going through hundreds of coupons we would barely clip any of them. And the one’s we would clip weren’t necessarily the best foods or even something we would normally buy. We only bought the items because we had a coupon! What we realized is that the majority of the food we eat RARELY (that’s a big rare) will have a coupon for it.

Think about it. How often do you find a coupon for produce, grass-fed meats, and free-rage chickens and eggs…

So what do the over marketed and under nourishing foods look like and why are they misleading and less healthy? Let’s get more specific. Things that are processed, whether they’re marketed as “healthy” or not, are breads, chips, crackers, cereals, sauces, dressings, marinades, sugar filled yogurts, fruit juices…the list could go on and on and on. They could be marketed as low fat, high protein, gluten free, no fat, all natural, zero trans fats, high-fiber, low carb.

The processed foods will:
  • Not be as filling(allowing you to eat more than your share). 
  • Be depleted of their natural nutritional qualities. 
  • Allow our bodies to absorb them faster, causing blood sugar to spike and insulin to react.
Sure they may taste good, but they’re not helping our cause.
So what to do. We, (me, you, our community, and country) need more nutrient dense foods. Colorful vegetables, fruits, quality meats.
These foods are
  • Minimally processed
  • Much higher in original key nutrients
  • Higher in natural fiber
  • And much better for us
One thing most of these foods have in common is that the majority of them don’t have nutrition facts stamped on the side of them. Think an apple, a bunch of spinach, or a chicken breast. 
Start buying food that are:
  • An ingredient and don’t contain ingredients
  • Are whole and require at least some rinsing, or cooking
  • Minimally processed(if you can open the package and start eating it’s processed)
  • Have a shorter shelf life
  • Don’t have a ‘Nutrition Facts’ label
  • Naturally colorful
The cool part about it is that when you start buying and eating foods that don’t have Nutrition Fact labels then you don’t have to worry about counting calories!

Check out our Fit Soldiers Nutrition Cheat Sheet for a quick guide to real food!

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura
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