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Fit Soldier Finest BeforeWell my fitness journey and life really started 2 years ago. At that time I could look into a mirror and tell myself I was not there. I am in a career field where you actually need to be fit to be able to perform and do your job duties. I finally made the conscious decision to look at what my options were. In the past I had a gym membership to various big gyms and would go but I had no direction and lacked the know-how. I can remember back in high school I was fit because I was young and playing sports. Then life happened. I spent years building terrible habits and really not paying attention to what I needed to do to stay optimal.

Fit Soldier Finest AJWhen I finally decided that a change was needed I looked around to different gyms and trainers in the area. I had always seen the Fit Soldiers sign but was intimidated because I was embarrassed of how I had let myself go. With a push from my wife Mary and a bit of courage I went and made a visit to Fit Soldiers. Dave was able to show me that it is not only just working out, but a lifestyle, which I adopted.

I do believe and feel that I am the fittest I have ever been. I am instilling a healthy lifestyle in myself and my family. Being able to teach my girls the importance of health and fitness is awesome. Because of Fit Soldiers I am doing things I never thought I could do or would do. I am happy to have found a fit family in Fit Soldiers. Thank you Dave, Joey and all the other Fit Soldiers.  — AJFit Soldiers Mud Fun

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