You’ll often hear me within exercise demo’s or training sessions use the phrases ‘OWN the movement’ or ‘OWN IT’. In a long lost blog I’ve put some context behind this so maybe it’s time to revisit it. It’s the concept of owning versus renting. In our case we’re talking about movement patters, exercise, workouts, nutrition, habits, your health, fitness and longevity.

When you OWN the movement you’re in control of the pattern, it’s grooved, and there’s nothing sloppy about it. You have intention of it and you’re driven, moving forward and getting better.
If you don’t own it, you RENT it there’s no long-term commitment to or understanding of the movement, your going through the motions, it will look sloppy and you may be better off not doing it then doing it poorly.
When you rent there is more of a dream and a hope of getting better but the intention and action of achieving it is lacking.
You’ll sweat, work hard and be sore but the progress will be minimal and temporary.
Similarly, a rented goal might be to get in shape for a wedding or vacation. Good goals, but they lack long-term ownership. What happens after the target event passes? As we’ve see many times from new clients they fall back into old patterns and get out of shape.
In order to OWN the results from that goal the fitness and nutrition that got you there now needs to be a lifestyle change that will keep you progressing beyond that dot in time.
In the context of nutrition a rented goal may be a 6-week challenge with the open intention of trying your best but the attitude of, “I can’t wait until I can have                       food again. With this mindset you’ve already failed. You worked hard, changed nutrition for a little bit, saw some results but at the same time you’ve already lost because you didn’t honor the purpose of the challenge of habit change and a healthy lifestyle to in order to OWN what has been given to you.
When you OWN your nutrition, movements, results, etc. you have them for life baring any major catastrophe. When you rent them they are here today and gone tomorrow and just another ebb and flow on the yo-yo cycle.
Committed to Your Results,
Dave Mura
and the Fit Soldiers Family
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