Programs and Memberships

Are you not reaching your fitness goals with what you’re currently doing?

Maybe it’s time to shake things up, surpass your goals, and strive for greater milestones! Fit Soldiers will help you get moving, break through plateaus, and get results.

Our experienced personal trainers are here to help you move better, get stronger, and ignite your metabolism to burn fat during and beyond each and every training session!

With all of our programs we want your fitness and results to become the byproduct of the program and activities that you’re doing. Yes, getting fit and healthy will require hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. We want to help you get excited to get better!

Our training sessions emphasize quality and safety of movement over more, faster, harder. We do not take the popular ‘more is better’ approach, rather we want to see better movement and in turn you will see better results.

It’s not about us. It’s about you. Every client begins with a 1-on-1 Success Session in order for us to better understand where you’re starting from, your goals, health history, and current nutrition so that we can best guide you to YOUR goals and not someone else’s.

Find a program that best fits your training style and needs…

Fit Soldiers Group Sledge Party

Group Personal Training

FS GPT. Group Personal Training — If you like the energy of training in a group but still want coaching and guidance then you’ll thrive with GPT. Group Personal Training averages 10 people per session to ensure quality of coaching. Each training session will include a comprehensive warm up, total body workout, and cool down. … Read More

AR Jump

Athletic Revolution

FS AR. Athletic Revolution — Here at Athletic Revolution Northglenn we help kids to learn to love to move and develop a passion and knowledge for play and fitness for a lifetime not just within an organized sport. Our goal is to develop the skills of a complete athlete. A complete athlete will have the … Read More

Nutrition Fit Soldiers

Nutrition Coaching

FS Food. Real Food Nutrition Coaching Developing Long Term Success Knowledge is important but how many of us put into action everything we know. Action trumps knowledge and bad habits are hard to break. When it comes down to it, willpower is a finite resource. So, unless we replace the poor habits with better ones … Read More

Fit Soldiers Group Training

Special Events and Programs

Fitness is more than our four walls. Throughout the year we leave our four walls to do more! From serving in the community and hosting charity events, to hiking a 14er and racing together. Here are some of the ways we play and do fitness together. Transformation Contests ActivPrayer Charity Events Strength To Serve – … Read More

Semi-Private Personal Training

FS SPT. Semi-Private Personal Training — Looking for a little more attention, and personalization as well as the benefit of a small group? Semi-private training provides your own personalized training plan and a small group of 3-4 clients. With Semi-Private Personal Training we are able to align your goals with the Functional Movement Screen in … Read More

Fit Soldiers Kettlebell Khaos

Personal Training

FS PT. Personal Training — Looking for individual attention and maximum results? Personal training will provide maximum accountability, specific training programming, nutrition accountability,and a one-on-one coach that will guide you every step of the way. Our Personal Training includes: Personalized Success Session including health, training, and medical history, FMS, nutrition and goal setting. One-On-One Personal … Read More

Fit Soldiers Corporate Wellness Tug Of War

Corporate Wellness

A company with healthy happy employees is a thriving one! Corporate wellness programs are on the rise because the statistics are finally catching up with and proving the practice. Are you offering and implementing a wellness program for your employees? Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, allow us to help you: Lower health … Read More