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FS GPT. Group Personal Training —

If you like the energy of training in a group but still want coaching and guidance then you’ll thrive with GPT. Group Personal Training averages 10 people per session to ensure quality of coaching. Each training session will include a comprehensive warm up, total body workout, and cool down. Our GPT programming and coaches will help you gain mobility, stability, and strength, in order to ignite your metabolism and torch fat. GPT also includes Kettlebells (Kettlebell Khaos) and Boxing (Fight Soldiers) and Cardio Core sessions.

Our Fit Soldiers Group Personal Training is customizable for all ages and fitness levels. We have clients from ages of 18 to 70. Their fitness levels range from coming off the couch to seasoned athlete. Clients come to us with everything from a clean bill of health to bad knees, hips, back and shoulders and everything in-between. The great part is, with our training system they are all working side-by-side to their best ability using modifications and progressions specifically for them from our coaches.

All of our Group Personal Training programs include:

  • Personalized Success Session including health, training, and medical history, FMS, nutrition and goal setting.
  • Open access to FS Group Training Sessions: GPT, KB, Boxing. All of which, are lead by experienced personal trainers.
  • Quarterly Fitness Re-Assessments to measure your progress, avoid plateaus, and ensure continuous progress.
  • Done-For-You nutrition resources and meal plans.
  • Discounts on Premium workshops, seminars, products, and nutrition programs.
  • First to know about FS Family events.
  • A Like Minded Community of fellow Fit Soldiers!

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Looking for a little more attention, and personalization as well as the benefit of a small group? Semi-Private Personal Training provides your own personalized training plan and a small group of 3-4 clients.

Semi-Private Personal Training

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