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Fit Soldiers OCR TrainingObstacle Course Race Training

Are you ready to dip your toe into the mud this year? Maybe you’re looking to up your OCR game.

Regardless of where your fitness or competition level is we have designed an OCR training program that will help you get better, build obstacle immunity, and have more fun!

Complete OCR Training by Fit Soldiers is designed to make you better, not beat you up. Choose from an 8-weeks Complete Obstacle Course Training designed to get you started in OCR or shake the dust off last years racing. This provides periodized daily training sessions that guide you through key aspects of the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. This program is designed to help improve your weaknesses and maximized your strengths.

OR, choose a Custom OCR training plan that will meet you where you’re at and guide you to OCR greatness!

Obstacle Course Racing is more than just jumping walls, monkey bars, and crawling through mud. Here’s what makes up Complete OCR Training!



Your 8-week program includes:

  • Run Training
  • Obstacle Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Grip Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Community!

The 2018 OCR Season is upon us.

Are you ready?




Stop dragging your feet through the mud and start running!

Join Complete OCR Training Program

Complete OCR Training program for only $50/$35 (Non-members/members)

  • 8-week training plan for running, strength, grip, and more…

Get Custom OCR Training for $80 per 8 week training block

  • 8-week training plan specifically designed for you…

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Fit Soldiers OCR Training

David Mura entering the starting corral of the 2015 Spartan Race World Championships where he placed 47th in the Elite division!

Complete OCR Training is developed by Fit Soldiers founder David Mura. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Elite OCR Racer, and more. OCR brings out the kid in him and he loves seeing people overcome their obstacles. He has the experience and knows what it takes to get better.