Reaching my Goals


Ashley before Fit Soldiers

As a child and teen I was always involved in sports, which kept me in pretty good shape. When I entered my 20’s and was able to enjoy the “benefits” of beer and living on my own I began to eat less healthy, exercise less, and just became lazy. After gaining 30 or so pounds I decided I was tired of feeling run down and negative about myself. About 3 years ago I joined a gym and signed up with a personal trainer. I did lose some weight and liked that way I started feeling; more energized and happy. However, the time was limited and the expense high. There was no true dedication and support to my success. Once my membership was over I didn’t renew it and began to put the weight back on…


After joining Fit Soldiers

After running my first 5k, I felt horrible and having my mother whoop my butt was the final straw. I was tired of trying to “diet” and watching my weight only subtly fluctuate. My mother Carleen has been a member at Fit Soldiers for several years and she is what inspired me to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join. Not only does Fit Soldiers provide awesome workouts, but they have given me the tools and education on nutrition and taking the steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. Every trainer has been involved and supportive of each individuals goals and seeing that we reach them.

Since first joining I have lost over 15 pounds and am down 5 pant sizes. I have improved more and more with each 5k that I run. I have conquered my first 14er and survived the Manitou Incline. I have enjoyed being more active; hiking and biking. My whole family has been involved, supportive and enjoying living a healthier lifestyle. It’s nice to now be able to run a race alongside my mom! I look forward to reaching more of my goals, such as the Tough Mudder and eventually making my way to climb Machu Picchu!!

~Ashley I.

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